20180619 080150
Directed by Kris Zimmerman
Produced by Joe Casey
Written by Duncan Russo
Narrated by Victor Caroli
Starring Peter Cullen
Frank Welker
Yuri Lowenthal
Laura Bailey
Dee Bradley Baker
Music by Brian Tyler
Production company Disney XD,Hasbro
Release date 29 June
Running time 30
Country US
Language English
Budget 1,0000 dollars
20180619 080150

Plot Edit

  • [Victor Caroli]:In far away from the planet Cybertron two war fashions has crashed on Earth for One Million years and awakening to become Robots in Disguise

Bumblebee:Oh man I want to be part of fight not to collect some Energy sticks

Wheeljack:Optimus send us to retrieve the sticks

Bumblebee:I understand come on let's get out of here

[Wheeljack transforms] Wheeljack:Agreed

Bumblebee:Maybe Prime it will be glad to see us

Ironhide:Where have you been?

Wheeljack:Searching for a resources

Arcee:Ha you won't lose anything.

Ironhide:Ohh yeah because you are team Brain and Brawns

Ratchet:Ironhide I needed that

Optimus:Enough we most find a new way to stop Decepticons.

Jazz:What where wait'n for man?


Wheeljack:Wait we need battle gear

Jazz:I'll do it.

Ironhide:Me too

Ironhide:I'm gassing this place

Jazz:Oooo yeah now this for I'm talking about

(he looks at loudspeakers and pistols)

Laserbeak flyes in Decepticon HQ

Soundwave:Laserbeak has return my lord


Starscream:But I thought Autobots are eliminated from Cybertron eons ago.

Megatron:Be patient Starscream we will reign victorious


Shockwave:What is your command my Lord Megatron

Megatron:I want you to stay behind can you handle such a task.

Shockwave:Indeed my liege

Ark crew are leaving Cybertron

5 years laterEdit

Jazz:Ha ha

Ironhide:Why you're so happy about that?????

Jazz:It's because of my patience dah!

Ironhide:That it I'm out of here.

Ratchet:Where you think you're going?

Ironhide:Allspark isn't on this mud ball this waste of time doctor.

Megatron:DECEPTICONS Attack

Bumblebee:We are under attack

Cast Edit

  • Peter Cullen should play again Optimus Prime
  • Yuri Lowenthal voices Bumblebee
  • Dee Bradley Baker voices Wheeljack
  • Richard McGonagle voices Ironhide
  • Laura Bailey voices Arcee
  • Phil LaMarr voices Jazz
  • Jeffrey Combs voices Ratchet
  • Frank Welker voices Megatron
  • Charlie Adler voices Starscream,Skywarp
  • Issac C. Singleton Jr. voices Soundwave
  • Clancy Brown voices Thundercracker
  • Steve Blum voices Shockwave,Barricade

Additional voicesEdit

  • Richard McGonagle
  • Laura Bailey
  • Frank Welker

Trivia Edit

  • It's second animated movie
  • Rest of the cast are replacing their roles
    • The movie will not introduce human cast in movie