This is a Transformers movie series I made. It calls for 5 movies. Enjoy


The Autobots have been fighting a War with the Decepticons on Cybertron. Optimus and Megatron are now doing their battle on Earth. The war continues now.



Optimus Prime(Leader)-Appears in Movie 1

Bumblebee(Scout)-Appears in Movie 1

Ironhide(Weapons Specialist)-Appears in Movie 1

Rachet(Medic)-Appears in Movie 1

Jazz(1st Lieutenant)-Appears in Movie 1

Wheeljack(Inventor)-Appears in Movie 1


Megatron(Leader)-Appears in Movie 1

Starscream(2nd in Command)-Appears in Movie 1

Barricade(Scout)-Appears in Movie 1

Brawl(Solider)-Appears in Movie 1

Blackout(Soilder)-Appears in Movie 1

Bonecrusher(Soilder)-Appears in Movie 1

Scorponock(Assassin Bot)-Appears in Movie 1-Dies in Movie 1


Spike Witwicky(Autobot Helper)-Appears in Movie 1

Code WordsEdit

BM-Bot Mode

VM-Vehicle Mode

JM-Jet Mode


Theme SongEdit

Transformers War For Cybertron Ending Theme-102:28

Transformers War For Cybertron Ending Theme-1

Jazz ThemeEdit

Autobot Jazz Theme-002:32

Autobot Jazz Theme-0

Decepticon Battle ThemeEdit

Decepticon Battle Theme-103:02

Decepticon Battle Theme-1

Transformers Rise: Movie 1Edit

High Moon

Nickinor21 Products

(Begins to play theme song)

Transformers War For Cybertron Ending Theme-202:28

Transformers War For Cybertron Ending Theme-2


Optimus Prime














(Song Ends)

  • Camaro driving on the streets*

Sam: Bee. How long till we get to Autobot base?

Bumblebee(VM): 3 miles hold on.

Blackout(JM): Autobot found.

Barricade(VM): Good me and Brawl are on our way.

Blackout(JM): *Fires missiles at Bumblebee*

Bumblebee:(VM): Brace for Impact!!!!!!!!*Transforms*

Sam: Ow!

Bumblebee(BM): Hey sorry! *Fires missiles at Blackout*

Blackout(JM): I'm hit!*Transforms*

Bumblebee(BM) Okay let's...

Bonecrusher(BM): Smashes Bumblebee into a wall*

Sam: Bee!

Barricade(BM): Your punch is gonna hurt lot more!

(Jazz Theme begins to play)

Autobot Jazz Theme02:32

Autobot Jazz Theme

Jazz(VM): Not if I have a say! *Transforms*

Bonecrusher(BM): Die!

(Bonecrusher comes to attack Jazz but Jazz shoots him with his cannon first)

Bonecrusher: *Gets hit* Ow!

Barricade: Retreat!*Transforms*



Bumblebee: *Face Sparks* Thanks Jazz.

Jazz: Your welcome. Man you need some repairs, let's go.*Transforms*

Bumblebee: *Transforms*

Sam: *Gets in the Car*

(Song Ends)

  • At Autobot base*

Ironhide: Prime, Jazz and Bumblebee are here.

Optimus Prime: Good.

Jazz: Bumblebee needs some repairs.

Rachet: Right on it. *Begins to fix Bumblebee's face*

Optimus Prime: Ironhide I need you on a mission.

Ironhide: What is it?

Optimus Prime : I need you to see what the Decepticons are doing.

Ironhide: Sounds easy. I'm on it. *Transforms and drives out*

Optimus Prime: Uh. Good luck Ironhide.

  • Near the Decepticon base*

Ironhide: Now I hace to use stealth: *Hides behind a giant rock*

Blackout: No sign of any Autobots Starscream.

(Decepticon Battle Theme begins to play)

Decepticon Battle Theme-003:02

Decepticon Battle Theme-0


Blackout: Okay.

Ironhide: Ha! *Attacks Blackout*

Blackout: Ow! Scorponock! Get out!

Scorponock: *Amerges from Blackout* *Speaks cybertranian*

(Scorponock attacks Ironhide and gets on his back. Ironhide grabs him and tears him apart.)

Blackout: Scorponock No!!!!!!!!!

Ironhide: *Punches Blackout in the face* Ha! Take that!

Starscream(JM): No! Take this! *Fires Missiles at Ironhide*

Ironhide: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! *Falls down*

Starscream(JM): *Transforms* Megatron will love this!*Transforms*

  • At the Decepticon Base*

(Megatron Awaken Theme begins to play)

Transformers - Megatron Awakens (Unused) by Steve Jablonsky03:40

Transformers - Megatron Awakens (Unused) by Steve Jablonsky

Starscream: Lord Megatron Look what I found.

Megatron: Well. You finnaly found an Autobot. Wait what about Blackout and Scorponock.

Starscream: Scorponock is dead and Blackout is alive just Blacked out.

Megatron: *Runs to Starscream and smacks him on the ground* You fool! You know these are all the soldiers we have!


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