Transformers: X is an American cartoon animated television series based on the Transformers franchise. The series airs on Cartoon Network's sister channel, Boomerang in mid 2018. an year after Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015 TV Series) is finish. The series is being created by Greg Weisman while its also being co-created by Man of Action Studios.

Synopsis Edit

Billionaire of years ago, on an far away called Cybertron where robots can transform into vehicles know as the Transformers where the Autobots lives in place and harmony. Than, until the Decepticons escapes from prison and start to taking over Cybertron. Than, an Autobot named Optimus Prime arrives to led the Autobots to victory against them. Than, when Cybertron start losing energy, Optimus decides to find energy to restore Cybertron where he quickly formed Team Prime, he being in Elita-One, Optimus' sparkmate and second-in-command, Bumblebee, an 10-year-old orphan who dream of being the best Autobot scout, Ratchet, the medic, Ironhide, the muscle and weapon expert, and Jetfire, the aerial expert and third-in-command. Than, the Decepticons follow them where two teams were crashes into Earth. In the present, 10-year-old orphan, Sam Witwicky, who was raised by his grandparents when his parents mysterious disappears where he still wanted to know what happens to them, has reawaken the Autobots and the Decepticons. As the Decepticons start planning of taking over the planet, the Autobots must save Earth from the Decepticons' evil plan while saving the future of both Earth and Cybertron!

Characters Edit

Autobots Edit

Main Autobots Edit
  • Optimus Prime: The leader of the Autobots, he is brave, heroic, wise, jolly, honorable, adventurous, kind, and noble. He still led the Autobots to victory against the Decepticons, he vow to protect the weakest where he also believe that all begins should deserve to live in place, harmony, and freedom. He transforms into a semi-truck. Voiced by Roger Craig Smith.
  • Ratchet: The Autobots' chief medic officer, Ratchet fix anybot who has nearly get hurts or fixing some gears for the team. He transforms into a ambulance. Voiced by Eric Loomis.
  • Bumblebee: An 10-year-old young Autobot orphan who dream of being the best scout ever on Cybertron. Than, he has proven himself worthy himself to Optimus after helping him out of defeating some Decepticons criminals. He is fun-loving, an little bit hyperactive, an bit very cheerful but kinda quite weak-minded, a bit mischievous, and kinda distracted at time. But, he always listen. When in his spear time while there are no any Decepticon activity, he hang out with his human partner, Sam where the two formed a unlikely friendship between themselves after being reawaken by him. He transforms into a mini-van. Voiced by Sam Lavangino.
  • Jetfire: An great aerial expert and the third-in-command, Jetfire loves being an expert on aerial.
  • Ironhide:
  • Elita-One: The second-in-command of the Autobots and Optimus' sparkmate. She is more brave, heroic, wise, jolly, honorable, adventures, kind, and noble than Optimus was. She transforms into a sportscar. Voiced by Laura Bailey.
Elite Guards Edit
  • Rodimus:
  • Bluestreak (Streak in Japan):
  • Sideburn (Speed Breaker in Japan):
  • Hound:
  • Sideswipe:
  • Sunstreaker:
  • Prowl:
  • Mirage:
  • Chromedome:
  • Gears:
Team Athenia Edit
  • Star Saber:
  • Minerva:
  • Blurr:
  • Wavelength:
  • Nightcruz:
  • Joyride:
Wreckers Edit
  • Springer (Sprung in Japan):
  • Trailbreaker:
  • Huffer:
  • Beachcomber:
  • Swerve (Werve in Japan):
  • Lancer:
  • Alpha Bravo:
Dinobots Edit
  • Grimlock:
  • Slag:
  • Swoop:
  • Slash:
  • Snarl:
  • Sludge:
Aerialbots Edit
  • Silverbolt:
  • Powerglide:
  • Fireflight:
  • Air Raid:
  • Windrazor:
  • Skydive:
  • Superior:
Technobots Edit
  • Schattershot:
  • Afterburner:
  • Drill Bit:
  • Windblade:
  • Hubcap:
  • Computron:
Protectobots Edit
  • Hot Spot:
  • First Aid:
  • Ro-Tor (Hepter in Japan):
  • Stormcloud:
  • Streetwise:
  • Defensor:
Railbots Edit
  • Railspike:
  • Midnight Express:
  • Rapid Run:
  • Overlord:
  • Rail Racer:
Buildbots Edit
  • Wedge:
  • Longarm:
  • Hightower:
  • Tow-Line (Wrecker Hook in Japan):
  • Grapple:
  • Quickmix:
  • Landfill:
Maximals Edit
  • Leobreaker (Liberjack in Japan):
  • Rhinox:
  • Depth Charge:
  • Cheetor (Cheetus in Japan):
  • Rattrap (Rattler in Japan):
Primes Edit
Other Autobots Edit
  • King Atlas: The rightful king of Cybertron who is kind, wise, noble, jolly, and honorable, he sees Optimus as Cybertron's last hope of defeating the Decepticons. He sometimes help out the Autobots in needs. As a triple changer, he transforms into an cargo jet and trailer car. Voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Decepticons Edit

Main Decepticons Edit
  • Megatron:
  • Starscream:
  • Soundwave:
    • Laserbeak:
    • Ravage:
  • Shockwave: An Decepticon scientist who has a huge crush on Megatron who want to keep its a secrets to herself who
  • Demolishor:
  • Bludgeon: An samurai Decepticon who has study the way of the samurai. He sometimes fight with honor and sometimes doesn't. He transforms into an japanese car. Voiced by .
Insecticons Edit
  • Shrapnel:
  • Powerpinch:
  • Bombshell:
  • Venom:
  • Kickback:
Constructicons Edit
  • Scrapper:
  • Mixmaster:
  • Heavy Lord:
  • Wreckage:
  • Widelord:
  • Scavenger:
  • Devastator:
Ultracons Edit
  • Megazarak:
Combaticons Edit
  • Onsluaght:
  • Vortex:
  • Space Case:
  • Lockdown:
  • Brawl:
  • Bruticus:
Stunticons Edit
  • Motormaster:
  • Shadow Striker:
  • Smokejumper:
  • Drag Strip:
  • Nightracer:
  • Menasor:
Vehicons Edit
  • Obsidian:
  • Acid Storm:
  • Stormcloud:
  • Ruination (Baldigus in Japan):
  • Over-Run:
Destructicons Edit
  • Strika:
  • Blackout:
  • Brushguard:
Seacons Edit
  • Snaptrap:
  • Sky-Byte (Gel Shark in Japan):
  • Nautilator (Lobclaw in Japan):
  • Tentakill:
  • Seawking (Kraken in Japan):
  • Skalor (Gulf in Japan):
  • Piranacon:
Perdacons Edit
  • Predaking:
  • Terrorsaur:
  • Blackarachnia:
  • Headstrong:
  • Overkill:
  • Grimwing:
Other Decepticons Edit

Humans Edit

Main Humans Edit
  • Sam Witwicky: An 10-year-old young orphan who was being raised by his grandparents after his parents were mysterious disappears when he was five. He still wandering what happens to his parents. Than, Sam reawaken both the Autobots and the Decepticons from their long-time sleep where he become the Autobots' human allies and Bumblebee's human partner. Voiced by .
  • Gerald Witwicky: Sam's grandpa
  • Pauline Witwicky: Sam's grandma
  • Tammy Parks: One of Sam's friends
  • Mitchell "Rayne" Rayne: One of Sam's friends
Other Humans Edit

Other Transformers Edit

  • Wreck-Gar: An robot from the planet, Junkion, a distant world of trash which is bombarded by old Earth television broadcasts. He transforms into an garbage truck. Voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic.
  • Nancy:
  • Unicron:
  • Sideways:
  • Nemesis Prime:
  • Stinger:

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

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